Tsipras: I thought of resigning after the election but did not want to desert the battle

Alexis Tsipras

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras said in his interview with Star TV's main newscast on Tuesday evening that, when speaking about the party's low performance at the May 21 elections, their priority is to "overcome the shock, regroup and correct our mistakes."

In his first television interview after the elections, when Syriza's performance dropped 20 percentage points from leading New Democracy,

Tsipras insisted that his party remains "the only political force with an alternative plan of governance to that of New Democracy."

Speaking of what he called a painful and unexpected electoral result, Tsipras said that on election night he thought about resigning. "But after overcoming the shock, I realized that I do not have the right to desert the battle," he added.

The party leader attributed the low electoral results within the party "and in the way we spread our message." In particular, he said, the party presented a confusing image and members speaking to the media presented "unfortunate statements".

The simple proportional system Syriza introducted "remains our dream, but the political system was not ready to accept it," he said, referring to the party's attempts at a coalition government. In addition, he said, most of the voters preferred single-party governments, not coalitions.

Blaming fear-mongering propaganda against his party, Tsipras said that people in May voted "talking about the misinformation that Syriza planned to raise social insurance contributions, instead of New Democracy's leaving freelancers and farmers without medical and health insurance."

"I too," he said, "did not manage to steer the conversation to the higher stakes, about how the country will be governed over the next four years," he added.

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