Videogame shows Turkish soldiers occupying Greek island and arresting Greek soldiers


A YouTube video uploaded by a Turkish account shows Turkish commandos "occupying a Greek rocky island".

Directus notes that it is only a video game, but it clearly shows that the Turks are doing psychological operations. Notably, at one point in the video, Turks "take Greek soldiers hostage".

The video has approximately 150,000 "hits".

2 75

3 84

1 142

Watch the video:

From the above it is clear that Turkey has been preparing its people and fanaticising even through fake videos systematically and methodically for years for the occupation of our islands in the Aegean.

Against it, however, it will not find Armed Forces like those of Libya and Syria, torn apart by civil wars, but powerful, excellently equipped and combat-ready forces of our Air Force-Navy-Army and above all the invincible and proud Greek people.

Finally, our country has entered into very strong alliances, prominent ones with the USA and France, which is, in addition to the above, a very strong deterrent against the aggressive Turkey.

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