CIA Director William Burns visited Athens - His trip was kept a secret

CIA Director William Burns

CIA director William Burns visited Athens on Tuesday, Greek newspaper “Ta Nea” reported.

As the newspaper reports, he held a series of meetings with “service” officials, which were particularly productive.

Burns’ arrival in Athens was the first visit by a CIA director to Greece in 11 years and reflects, as competent sources told NEA, the “real upgrading and strengthening of Greece-US relations, which have gone to a completely different stage”.

After all, for the USA, Greece has turned into a point of reference, especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with American actors underlining that in the wider region of the Balkans, the Middle East, and Africa there are not many democracies that Washington can rely on, on the contrary in Athens the US considers itself to have a “reliable partner that they can work with and trust”.

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