Giorgos Margaritis: "I lost my brother when he was 6 years old, he died of hunger"

Giorgos Margaritis

Giorgos Margaritis gave an interview and talked about his childhood and his brother, whom he lost at the age of 6 from starvation.

The well-known performer was a guest on the show "Studio 4" and initially, he noted: "When you come from a poor family, to get back on your feet, you will go through a lot of trials."

"Poverty is also a trauma, of course. Don't hide. May those years not come again. Don't have children to eat. You know that I, too, have lost a six-year-old brother to hunger," Margaritis said.

"But he wasn't the only one. There were many children at that time, I know other children who did not have their mothers to feed them," he added.

As he explained, most of his own generation migrated abroad. "My generation all immigrated at the time and went to Germany, Australia, Canada and America, which were also difficult for them to go to, because someone had to invite them and then they had to leave."

Finally, he talked about his wife, who, as he said, never interferes in his business. "My wife does not interfere at all in my profession, just as I do not interfere in the pots. She is at home. Housewife and nothing else,” he said in closing.

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Nikos Oikonomopoulos 2023

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