Patras: Pakistani tried to kidnap a 9-year-old boy

police car immigrant Pakistani

A 19-year-old Pakistani national was taken to the Patras Police Department and detained after the father of a 9-year-old student reported the attempted abduction of his son.

In particular, according to Pelop, the alleged incident happened at noon on Tuesday, when and while the student's mother went to pick him up from the school he attends in the area of ​​Bozaitiki, the minor handed over the school bag and told her that he would return home with his friends.

Patras: How did the incident happen?

Along the way, they met a man riding a motorbike who, according to the child, allegedly waved at him as an invitation to follow him.

The alleged perpetrator, however, according to sources, did not make another gesture and continued on his motorbike.

Patras: The Pakistani denies the accusations

The incident was reported to Patras Police, with police eventually managing to locate the motorcyclist. According to information from Pelop, he allegedly denied the accusation, claiming that he did not intend to grab the child. Today, he will be brought before the Prosecutor of Patras.

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