Anna Vissi on Nikos Karvelas: "He has offered me the elixir of youth and the elixir of eternity"

Anna Vissi on Nikos Karvelas

Anna Vissi gave an interview to commemorate 50 years of her career in music.

The popular singer was in Larnaca, Cyprus at a press conference and speaking to the journalists, she could not hide her emotion.

In a clip aired on the show "Mega Good Morning", she initially stated: "Last night, I couldn't sleep. I was trying to write some stuff and now I'm like 'I don't like press conferences very much'. It's not your fault, it's mine. I don't like to sell what I do, I prefer to sing. I get so out of tune, in situations like this. Still, I can't say I'm not bursting with pride for everything that's happening today."

"I will get over it. I have done many concerts, but this one has another meaning for me. I wonder why I'm crying. Of course, it's a joy, but also a pain. Pain is existential, to philosophise a little. It's not the nicest thing to count years. All people know it, men and women. Time passes and we wonder what we have done, what we will do, we fear what will happen, when what we do is over, it is not as beautiful as it was. And it's scary, but also wonderful at the same time," added the singer.

Of course, she did not fail to mention her "companion" in music and her ex-husband, Nikos Karvelas.

"I want to dwell very little on the last person, who for me is the first person, with whom I share all these 50 years. He is Nikos Karvelas. Here we applaud," Anna Vissi said.

"After we experienced the human relationship, we got married, we fell in love... He fell in love with me at the end of my adolescence, I fell in love five years later. I was afraid of it at first. He is a brilliant, impulsive man who even then, I had not created my own personality, so I was not afraid of him and he would only bring me luck. After experiencing our normal relationship, we experienced another reality that was magic. It was a karma. With his songs, he has offered me the elixir of youth and the elixir of eternity of the artist Anna Vissi," she said in closing.

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