ATHENS: Two 16-year-old Pakistanis arrested for making deaths threats in Monastiraki

Pakistanis Athens

Two 16-year-old Pakistanis, who had uploaded videos on the internet with threats and obscene gestures, were arrested on Thursday afternoon in central Athens by police officers of the ACTION Team of the Attica Security Directorate.

According to police, the two defendants are depicted in a video posted on a social network making threats and obscene gestures.

Police officers, after targeted searches, found two people outside the metro station in Monastiraki, whose characteristics resembled those shown in the video and called them for a check. At the sight of the police, the defendants fled but were stopped and taken to the Athens Security Directorate.

There, they were identified as the perpetrators of the criminal acts.

The two arrested, with the case filed against them with the accusations of incitement to commit crimes, acts of violence or discord and disobedience, were taken to the public prosecutor.

The video:

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