Elections 2023: Over 25,000 Greeks abroad registered to vote in June runoff

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Over 25,000 Greeks have registered to vote abroad, according to an Interior Ministri announcement on Thursday.

Specifically, a total of 25,610 Greek nationals have registered to vote for the runoff on June 25. Greeks nationals will vote abroad on June 24.

In the May 21 national elections, 22,855 Greeks had registered to vote, of whom 18,203 actually voted (79.5% participation rate).

Greece’s parliament was dissolved Monday, less than 24 hours after convening, paving the way for a new election on June 25.

Under a decree signed by Greek President Katerina Sakellaropoulou, caretaker Prime Minister Ioannis Sarmas and Cabinet ministers, the next parliament will convene on July 3.

No party achieved an overall majority in the national election on May 21, which was held under a simple proportional representation system; there was no attempt to form a coalition.

The conservative New Democracy party achieved a landslide victory, getting 40.79 percent of the vote — but that was not enough to form a single-party government.

The next election will be contested under a different system that grants the winning party up to 50 bonus parliamentary seats; that gives the conservative New Democracy an edge to form a majority government.

However, the number of parties that make it into parliament will be crucial to determining the makeup of the eventual majority. The more parties pass the 3 percent threshold needed to win seats in parliament, the higher the share of the vote needed for an outright majority.

On May 21, two parties barely missed the cutoff, with 2.9 percent support; if they pass that baseline on June 25, it could raise the threshold for a party to achieve an overall majority to about 39 percent.

The conservatives are appealing to voters not to take the result for granted and head back to polls, while opposition leaders called on them to snip New Democracy’s lead and avoid the prospect of a dominant majority government with no significant opposition.

Elsewhere, Greece’s caretaker prime minister, Ioannis Sarmas, sent a letter to Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, congratulating his re-election as the Turkish president of Turkey and expressing wishes for peace and prosperity for the Turkish people.

Erdogan extended his rule into a third decade by defeating Kemal Kilicdaroglu in the country’s runoff vote on Sunday.

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