Greek Chef from Eastern Suburbs Faces Deportation after Child Abuse Images Found on Phone

By 4 months ago

An Sydney chef originally from Greece could face deportation and further imprisonment after over 70 child-abuse images were found on his phone via a 'safe' app.

The court heard that the images found included "child bondage," child genitalia, and images of children in neck chokers and on leashes, with victims' ages ranging between three and 16.

The 26-year-old has worked at popular eateries such as Pilgrims and Trippas White Group.

He had been behind bars since his arrest in June 2022, and his visa has been threatened due to his charges.

The chef, Epameinondas Mantas, entered a guilty plea during a hearing at Downing Centre District Court.

Judge Craig Everson will make his sentence without taking deportation into account, but Mantas' visa would be revoked if the sentence is 12 months or longer.

Mantas will appear again at the same court on Friday where a sentence will be handed down.

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