Magnesia: Man robbed a gambling agency and gambled the money away at another

police car magnesia

An 18-year-old man from the area of ​​Almyros, Magnesia, was brought to the prosecutor's office as he robbed a gambling agency and went and spent the money at another agency.

According to information from Gegonota, he stole 1,500 euros from the agency in Almyros, and gambled half of the money at another agency in the area.

To the investigator, the pre-trial detainee stated that he was addicted to gambling. At the same time, among other things, he confessed that he was working to send money to his sick father, as he had come to Greece illegally to work and help his family.

He maintains that the money was not 1,500 euros, but less, without remembering the exact amount.

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