Nammos Beach Club: Demolition Underway for Illegal Constructions on Mykonos

Nammos Beach Club: Demolition Underway for Illegal Constructions on Mykonos

Nammos, the renowned beach club frequented by the wealthy and famous, situated on the popular Greek holiday island of Mykonos, is currently undergoing the demolition of more than 200 square metres of illegal constructions in an action prompted by the club's blatant violation of various zoning, environmental, and public access laws.

Bulldozers commenced their work on Thursday morning, targeting the western side of the Nammos complex located on Psarrou Beach in what has been defined as a proactive effort aimed at bringing the property into compliance with regulations and obtaining the necessary permits for the upcoming summer season.

Reports from Kathimerini indicate that Nammos' management is overseeing the operation, which extends beyond the structures initially identified for demolition in the property's inspection report earlier this year. Recent aerial photographs and building plans have exposed the systematic expansion of the beach club, surpassing its original 1980s structure by more than triple the size.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the property owners have taken advantage of successive laws that offer amnesty for illegal constructions in exchange for a fee, allowing them to legitimize these additions and subsequently expand further. It would seem that they have been anticipating another opportunity to legalise these further unauthorised constructions.

As the peak summer season approaches, the management of Principote, another renowned beach club in Mykonos, has also requested a similar demolition operation. This club has also faced closure due to its illegal encroachment on approximately 40,000 square metres of Panormos Beach.

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