Pakistanis protested at the Greek Embassy in Islamabad because their visa application was rejected (VIDEO)


Pakistanis protested the rejection of their visa applications at the Greek embassy in Islamabad.

An embassy official immediately came outside to speak to the Pakistanis.

In fact, as seen in the video unveiled by Directus, he told them, "this is Greek territory, respect our decisions, we had a reason for rejecting your applications".

In the end, someone went to ask the Greek diplomat to speak!

Watch the video:


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Meanwhile, the Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis, Sajid Hussain Turi, has announced that one million Pakistanis will be sent abroad for employment this year, with authorities from Saudi Arabia being the first ones to visit the country and issue work permits for Pakistani nationals.

According to the Minister, similar agreements are under work with 50 other countries, including Greece, Romania and Germany.

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