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The recent selling of three hotels by Greek Cypriot refugees in the occupied city of Famagusta to Turkish interests, it was inevitable! Since the Cyprus issue remains unsolved, it was only a matter of time before citizens begun to act in their own best interests.

The private sales have actually exposed the government’s failure to introduce incentives—either in cash or land swap—to Greek Cypriot refugees not to sell their properties in the occupied area.

Instead, year after year consecutive governments played petty politics without a strategic plan in place to protect the national interests of the nation.

In fact, the refugee issue has been swept under the carpet for nearly 50 years; this is a classic case of a betrayal for nearly 200,000 displaced persons and refugees in their own country. Since 1974, successive governments have ignored the fact that desperation breeds despairing actions.

In reality most of the elderly refugees by now have succumbed to death-sadness. The living on the other hand, no longer wish to be used as political pawns by politicians.

And so, the roller coaster of political ineptitude goes in circles like a goldfish swimming in a shiny glass bowl for everyone to see but; getting nowhere!

Does the new Chrystodoulides government offer a better prospect for resolving the properties conundrum facing the refugees and equally resolve the Cyprus issue?

Indicators shows there are no sweeping new policy plans to replace the failed old attempts and to deal with the refugees or the political problem but rather the continuation of the futile footsteps of the past!

So far, the President has been nation hopping trying to “explain the Cyprus issue” to the heads of states—as if after so many years they are ignorant of the fact! He’s pleading for their support but especially the EU, to get involved in a new attempt to resolve the thorny issue of the military occupation of Cyprus by Turkey.

But most importantly, the president’s visits are aimed to reaffirm that Cyprus and his new government is a “reliable and a trusted EU Member state” in readiness to adopt all EU directives unconditionally. Such admission certainly symbolizes “state subservience” rather than state leadership!

In fact, under a recent US and British intelligence directive, Cyprus adopted the given US/UK list of instructions against Russian interest on the island.

The government did not hesitate to impeach named companies and individuals operating in Cyprus by closing Russian banks and ousting companies linked with Russian interests as well as freezing their bank accounts and assets in support of Ukraine.

In the process, hundreds of Cypriot employees have lost their jobs and unable to get paid or receive their benefits. The economic hardship caused to those affected companies, workers and families by a government that refuses to say “No” (similar to the previous 10-year Anastasiades government) amounts to nothing less than a political crime!

In fact, it reveals a classic case of blind obedience to outside forces by a state that has so far failed to forge a long-term national policy in defense of the refugees, the country or its people!

Why should the Republic of Cyprus succumb to pressure by the US or the UK on its foreign policy matters and internal home affairs? Sadly, this can only be called, xenomania and a most appalling subservient policy indeed!

Andreas C Chrysafis
Andreas C Chrysafis is a UK published author of five books and over 450 press articles but also a recognized artist. He is not political affiliated but a strong advocate for Democracy, Transparency, Equality and Human Right and a robust opponent to Corruption.

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