Dozens of migrants have reportedly crossed from Turkey into Greece via the river Evros

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A group of 138 migrants, consisting of 53 men, 32 women, and 53 children of Syrian origin, were detected by Greek border guards near the village of Nea Vyssa close to the Evros river, which serves as the natural border between Greece and Turkey.

The area where the migrants were detected lacked border fencing, and the migrants had crossed the river on foot from Turkey to Evros illegally.

The group was initially left on a Turkish islet at Nea Vyssa’s height by army guards from where they walked across to Greek territory due to the low water level. Media reports suggest Turkish military personnel forcibly pushed the migrants to enter Greek territory from a Greek Isle on the river Evros, despite Greek border guards’ warnings.

The situation alarmed Greek authorities who fear a repeat of the “hybrid war” initiated by Turkey in February and March 2020.

After registration, the migrants will be transferred to shelters for migrants. Ambulances were deployed to the Greek side of the river to provide medical assistance to those in need.