Eva Kaili is back on social media

Eva Kaili

After several months of incarceration, Eva Kaili reappeared on social media, specifically Twitter. Although she did not write anything herself, the two retweets she made show the line she will follow after her release.

The first notification concerns a video report by the French correspondent of the French newspaper Libération, Jean Quatremer.

The experienced journalist on European issues had taken a position in relation to the judicial involvement of Eva Kaili, writing in the newspaper where he works that "the detentions of Kaili and Tarabella are 'unjustified'', while ALL the other protagonists of this crazy case are free!'

The second concerns an Italian article published in Unita, which claims that "the Qatargate scandal has collapsed".

It is recalled that Eva Kaili plans to return to her duties (it is indicative that even today in her bio on Twitter she appears as the vice-president of the European Parliament).

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At the same time, her lawyers, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos and Sven Mary, announced that "the legal process has been initiated to abolish the restrictive conditions, especially the ban on leaving the country, because she wishes to participate in the meetings of the European Parliament in Strasbourg".

What applies to her contacts with the press - What she does on social networks

Although it is not stated anywhere that she cannot use social networks, there is an explicit reference to the relations she is allowed to have with the press.

Specifically, according to the APE, the conditions imposed on her include the term that she cannot to come into contact with any of the persons involved in the file under investigation, including through press.

Eva Kaili, however, had not made her reappearance in her accounts which, naturally due to her pre-trial detention, had no activity since the beginning of December.

Eva Kaili's release conditions in detail

On May 25, the supreme judge Michel Claise issued an announcement with the content of Eva Kaili's release conditions, which faces charges of participation in a criminal organisation, corruption and money laundering.

The restrictive conditions:

- to return the equipment used for electronic surveillance; (electronic wristband)
- to reside in her residence and not to modify the residence without first notifying the investigator;
- not to leave the national territory of Belgium without the prior written permission of the investigator;
- not to contact any of the persons involved in the file under investigation, including through the press;
- to answer all police calls or judicial authorities, including calls sent by experts they have appointed; and
- be available for monitoring by a welfare officer of the Federal Prosecutor's Office.

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