Monolithi: The longest beach in Europe is only four hours away from Athens

By 4 months ago

Not many would know that Monolithi in Preveza is the longest sandy beach in Europe.

Summer is officially here, which means swimming at the beach and trips to eat in small taverns by the sea. The weather may still not have brought us as it should, but the moment is not long before we leave Athens behind and find ourselves in some idyllic place that will offer us the ultimate relaxation.

Certainly, the islands have their fair share this year, with thousands of tourists having already booked their accommodation for July and August.

However, if you are one of those who have not yet planned their vacation, then how about travelling to the longest sandy beach in Europe? Of course, you won't have to go very far since it is only a four-hour drive from Athens and, more specifically, on the Continental Riviera.

Monolithi beach in Preveza is about 25 kilometres long and extends from the village of Mytikas to the village of Kastrosikia.

It was named from a cluster of large coastal rocks 10 metres from the shore. These rocks protruded about a metre above sea level until 1943, when Italian and German soldiers, for fun, mortared the rock and broke it.

However, it is worth noting that construction activity is not allowed in this zone due to Ancient Nikopolis.

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