Marlink implements SpaceX Starlink to Polembros Shipping cargo ships in Greece

Polembros Shipping cargo ships in Greece

Marlink, a provider of digital solutions for businesses, has announced that it will implement SpaceX Starlink satellite internet service for Polembros Shipping, a ship management company based in Athens, Greece.

Polembros has been a long-standing partner of Marlink, and this collaboration will further enhance its digital capabilities. “Marlink’s hybrid network”, includes a combination of satellite services managed by Marlink, Starlink will be integrated to the existing services to test its capabilities. 

The companies state that they are devoted to continuously improving their service to ensure ships are operated safely and efficiently, with capable and reliable marine personnel. SpaceX’s Starlink will help bring more reliable connectivity to workers at sea. SpaceX operates a fleet of over 4,200 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) that provide high-speed internet service to even the world’s most remote oceans. 

“Polembros Shipping and Polembros Bulkers are companies with a reputation built up over many years for dedication to safety and quality; we value innovations like Starlink as a contributor to our performance,” stated Polembros Shipping IT Manager Vasilis Kottas. “Our partnership with Marlink is a factor in our success as a company that delivers the high standard of communications required by our fleet managers and our shipboard teams.”

“Marlink is proud to help Polembros Shipping take this next step in its journey with new digital services that enable a new generation of applications and tools to support fleet performance and safety. Adding the Starlink LEO service to the Marlink hybrid network is a further strengthening of our valued and longstanding relationship that positions Polembros as a future-focussed company,” stated Tore Morten Olsen, the president of Marlink maritime services.

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