Will Tata come to Greece?


A particularly important player in the global automotive industry, Tata, has already entered into talks with various countries about where to invest the billions it already has ready for such an investment.

Tata Motors – the owner of the former British Jaguar Land Rover and a major shareholder of the also British Aston Martin – is an Indian multinational group of companies headquartered in Mumbai.

Founded in 1868, it is India's largest conglomerate, with products and services in more than 150 countries and operations in 100 countries on six continents. In 2022, Tata Group's annual revenue reached $128 billion, with 935,000 employees.

TataMany countries have entered the European map to construct the production unit, with the information also mentioning Greece. But the Indians never came into contact with the Greek Government since they seem to have already chosen one of their own...

So according to what the BBC reports, the top executives of Tata Motors are in talks with the UK government and the British Prime Minister of Indian origin, Rishi Sunak.

As mentioned in the publication, the two parties are very close to agreeing on the terms and signing the final text.

In fact, it is pointed out that next week Natrajan Chandrasikaran, that is the owner and Chairman of Tata Motors, will go to London to meet with Rishi Sunak to finalise the deal.

Details of the new battery factory for all-electric models have not yet been released, but 9,000 new jobs are expected to be created there.

It is also reported that the British government offered Tata an incentive package worth hundreds of millions of pounds to attract the investment.

This development comes after the recent announcement-warning by the Stellantis Group that it may have to close the Vauxhall (note: Opel) factory in the United Kingdom if the government does not renegotiate the controversial "Brexit" deal.

As a representative of the Group stated, if some of its terms are not reviewed, the cost of manufacturing its pure electric vehicles there "will become uncompetitive and unsustainable and the factory facilities will be closed."

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