Zeta Makripoulia Expresses Anger Towards Airline: Why Couldn't She Travel to Samos?

Zeta Makripoulia

Zeta Makripoulia voiced her frustration with an airline company after her plans to travel to Samos were disrupted.

In a series of Instagram posts, the renowned actress and presenter shared her experience with Sky Express, stating, "Hello, everyone. I just returned from the airport, where I should have been in Samos by now, as the company was supposed to take me there.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, and I want to share this experience with you because I am genuinely furious. I won't hide it from you. I missed the flight. I arrived at the airport on time and proceeded to the check-in counter. However, when I went downstairs briefly to use the bathroom, I returned to find an empty counter with two unhelpful staff members."

She continued, "I asked, 'Samos, please?' They informed me that I had missed the flight and should have arrived 20 minutes earlier, to which I responded, 'But I am here 20 minutes earlier.' They replied, 'No, it's 43 minutes. You are three minutes late.' I asked if they made an announcement because I didn't hear anything while I was at the airport. I went to the restroom.

They responded, 'We don't make announcements anymore, so there is no solution.' I had to go back upstairs to check for alternative flights, and there I met a kind lady who not only informed me that there were no other flights but also mentioned that they no longer make announcements and don't refund the ticket money."

Zeta Makrypoulia further expressed, "I am sharing this video because I need to vent my frustration. Additionally, I have travelled extensively around the world, and this has never happened to me, even when I was late. They somehow managed to accommodate me on the plane. I did some research and discovered numerous similar complaints from many people. I have a couple of questions that I want you to answer.

First, when did airports stop making announcements? Where did the announcements go? Because I heard other last calls while I was sitting at the airport, shocked by what had happened to me. Second, how can I, as a client, be informed about such changes?"

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