Mykonos Bar Scam: Couple Slams Notorious DK Oyster for £600 Smoothie and Pasta Bill

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Couple Furious at £600 Bill for Two Smoothies and Pasta

A couple has expressed their anger and disappointment at a Greek bar, DK Oyster after allegedly being charged £600 for two smoothies and a bowl of pasta. Oscar Maldonado and his boyfriend fell victim to what they call the bar's 'sunbed scam' writes the Mirror

They claim that they were enticed into the venue with the promise of a free sunbed if they purchased a drink. Without reviewing the menu, they ordered two non-alcoholic smoothies. However, when the menu was brought to them, they discovered that the prices were misleading.

Oscar's boyfriend ordered the lobster pasta, which turned out to be a large portion of pasta with a whole lobster. While the food was decent, they felt it was not worth the exorbitant bill of £344 they received upon finishing their meal.

The shocking total left the couple so stunned that they contemplated involving the police. Oscar recounted his experience, stating that when he went to pay, he was informed that the two smoothies cost 65 euros each.

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To their surprise, the bill amounted to 600 euros, and an additional 100 euros were charged as a service charge. Although tempted to call the police, Oscar decided against it to avoid causing further trouble. The couple expressed their frustration, vowing never to return to the establishment and discouraging others from doing so.

DK Oyster has gained a notorious reputation for its outrageous prices, leading TripAdvisor to issue a safety warning to potential holidaymakers. Currently, the bar holds an average rating of 2.0 stars on the platform, with a significant number of negative reviews. In one recent review, a customer expressed anger after being charged over £300 for a piece of fish.

It was revealed that the listed price of 24 Euros (£20) on the menu was misleading, as it was actually priced "per 100 grams". Consequently, when the bill arrived, the customers were shocked to discover that their enjoyment of 1350 grams of fish resulted in a charge exceeding £300.

Additional reports of overcharging have surfaced, including a British tourist being charged £50 for an undrinkable lemonade and another holidaymaker being billed £360 for four drinks and a snack.

Some customers have shared accounts of aggressive behaviour from the staff when questioning the exorbitant prices. Locals even caution visitors against dining at DK Oyster, with taxi drivers advising against visiting the bar for those staying in Platis Gialos.

DK Oyster recently faced a £25,000 fine following an audit by the Cyclades Regional Tourism Agency. This action was taken after two American tourists complained about being charged over £500 for two mojitos and crab legs. The tourists alleged that they were subjected to threats and unfair treatment by the restaurant staff.

Despite the complaints, DK Oyster's owner, Dimitrios Kalamaras, has defended the prices, claiming they offer value for money and denying any aggressive behaviour from the staff. He attributed negative reviews to attention-seeking customers and influencers seeking free meals, vowing not to succumb to their demands. Three blackboards displaying the prices have been placed at the restaurant's entrance.

Contacted for comment, DK Oyster has yet to respond to the allegations.