Eva Kaili reunites with her daughter (PHOTOS)

Eva Kaili

After the French newspaper Liberation, MEP Eva Kaili, who was at the Qatargate scandal's epicentre, also interviewed the Italian Corriere. She was photographed for the first time with her daughter, after her release from prison during this interview.

“Panzeri’s confessions were obtained under duress, but he never mentioned me. I am not among the people involved. I never thought of using my parliamentary immunity,” said the Greek MEP, among other things, adding, "if I had mentioned important names, I would have immediately returned to my daughter… I would have had to lie.”

Regarding her relationship with Giorgi from now on, she emphasised that time will tell how it will develop, while she described him as “a very good father” to her daughter.

Eva Kaili

According to Corriere, Kaili was arrested six months ago in Belgium because she was accused of taking part in a corruption scandal in the European Parliament linked to Qatar and Morocco and led by Antonio Panzeri.

“Despite the extremely vague and unfounded charges that do not yet explain exactly how, when, and why he would have received the bribes, to such an extent that the Belgian police’s final report of July 2022 states that “there is no evidence that he was part of the organisation”, spent four months in a cell and two under house arrest.

She was arrested because, during a raid on December 9, she asked her father to take a suitcase with 700,000 euros in cash, which the judges said was money she had raised with her husband, Francesco Giorgi.

The couple immediately defended themselves, saying the money belonged to former MEP Antonio Panzeri. Kaili always vehemently denied any responsibility. She has been free for a few days,” the Italian newspaper emphasises.

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