Greek Former PM Mitsotakis Warns of Possible Third Round of Elections If Absolute Majority Is Not Achieved

Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has warned that the country may face a third round of elections if an absolute majority necessary to form a single-party government is not attained in the upcoming second round on June 25.

While Mitsotakis' ruling New Democracy party emerged victorious in the first round of elections held on May 21, it fell short of securing the absolute majority required for a single-party government.

With the second round fast approaching, despite the New Democracy party leading in all polls, the possibility of falling short of an absolute majority remains a concern.

Mitsotakis clarified that he has ruled out any potential alliances or partnerships with parties to the right of New Democracy. In the event of failing to achieve an absolute majority, he stated, "Such a scenario would lead us to elections in August... let's not deceive ourselves." Mitsotakis told public TV broadcaster ERT News in an interview.

Five parties surpassed the 3% threshold required to enter parliament in the initial round. The increasing number of parties in parliament presents a challenge for Mitsotakis in his efforts to form a single-party government.