How much money did Tsitsipas earn at Roland Garros?

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia once again proved to be an insurmountable obstacle for Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The Greek tennis player was defeated 3-0 in sets and now turns his attention to the season on grass, where he has no scheduled matches beyond Halle and Wimbledon.

Tsitsipas departs from Paris temporarily ranked No. 4 in the world ranking in the live rating, while his presence in the quarterfinals will earn him 400,000 euros.

In terms of rankings, he will remain at No. 4 unless Rune reaches the final or Ruud (he plays Rune today in the quarter-finals) wins the trophy.

Tennis legend Tim Henman has revealed that he thought it was ‘borderline embarrassing’ that Stefano Tsitsipas was easily knocked out of the French Open by Carlos Alcaraz. The Greek never truly got a foothold in the match and struggled to land a blow as he was beaten in straight sets by the world No 1, with his opponent looking like a force to be reckoned with in the final four at Roland-Garros later this week.

Alcaraz cruised through the first two sets with relative ease in a stunning solo display that left supporters stunned by the individual skill and brilliance, though complacency soon slipped into his game.

He threw Tsitsipas a lifeline in the third set and soon found himself battling it out at a tiebreak, though it was only a slight inconvenience for the Spaniard as he put the match to bed in impressive style to book himself a spot in the semi-finals.

Speaking to Eurosport about Alcaraz’s impressive performance on Tuesday evening, Henman said: “He's a joy to watch, there were times when it felt like an exhibition because he was just coming up with so many shots. Tsitsipas is No.5 in the world, he's been in the final of Roland-Garros before, but for the vast majority of that match, he just didn't know what to do. Completely outplayed.

“For those first two and a half sets it was borderline embarrassing how average Alcaraz was making Tsitsipas look. The focus has to be on Alcaraz's quality, Tsitsipas was looking to implement his game plan, but he just wasn't allowed. There was no area of Alcaraz's game that he could attack.”

Alcaraz will now face Novak Djokovic on Friday night in what is sure to be a blockbuster of a match, and the Serbian will already be questioning how he will overcome his in-form opponent.

Though Mats Wilder believes that he could be given a chance to capitalise on how Alcaraz lost concentration late on against Tsitsipas.

Wilder explained: “I was speechless. It started to look like an exhibition, and that's exactly what happened, he let up he lost his concentration. Amazing first two sets, but I bet you Juan Carlos Ferrero (Alcaraz’s coach) is going to give him a stern talking to, saying how he can't do that.

"He can't do that against Novak, because it could turn around. There's hope for mankind when you see an athlete like Carlos Alcaraz.”

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