New bus line will connect Greece with Albania – What will the route be?

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A new regular international bus line connecting Greece with Albania, specifically Athens-Mavromati-Himara (Albanian: Himarë)" was approved by Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Ioannis Golias.

The new line follows the route: Athens - Corinth - Kiato - Xylokastro - Aigio - Patras - Agrinio - Amfilochia - Preveza - Igoumenitsa - Mavromati (border) - Foiniki (Finiq) - Delvino (Delvinë) - Agioi Saranda (Sarandë) - Himara.

Also, with a relevant regulation, it is allowed to board passengers from Igoumenitsa and Agioi Saranda, during the operation of the "Athens - Mavromati - Chimara" line.

Transport companies that wish to express interest in serving the new line have the possibility to submit the relevant applications for the granting of licenses in accordance with the terms, conditions and procedure provided for by the current institutional framework for the granting of international licenses regular bus lines with non-EU countries

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