Greek Diver Discovers WWII British Submarine Wreck in the Aegean Sea

Submarine WWI British

An experienced Greek diver specializing in underwater exploration has made a remarkable discovery, locating the long-lost wreck of HMS Triumph, a British submarine that vanished during a World War II mission in 1942.

Kostas Thoctarides and his team located the submarine at a depth of 203 meters (666 feet) in an undisclosed location in the Aegean Sea. The extensive search for the submarine, initiated in 1998, proved to be a challenging and costly endeavour.

Thoctarides credited meticulous research conducted in archives across the UK, Germany, Italy, and Greece for uncovering the final resting place of HMS Triumph. The T-class submarine, measuring 84 meters, successfully completed numerous missions, engaging in attacks against Axis ships, conducting rescue operations, and supporting British commandos.

The last known sighting of the submarine was reported by an Italian pilot near Cape Sounion, close to Athens. The exact cause of the submarine's sinking remains unclear, although evidence suggests a powerful explosion in the fore section.

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