TikTok: The Greek elections directed by... "Wes Anderson" with the help of Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has entered the trends on TikTok for good, as it is now one of the most useful tools for video creators who want to unleash their imagination without the limitations of ordinary reality.

A typical example is the - relatively - recent Wes Anderson trend which in recent weeks has filled the Chinese platform with videos whose aesthetics, music and atmosphere refer to Wes Anderson's characteristic directorial vision.

The following video with thousands of views is part of this trend, which presents the Greek elections "by hand" Wes Anderson, with the help of AI of course.

See the video:

All the protagonists of Greek political life appear in the short clip that has gathered thousands of views on various platforms.

Anderson has directed many special and award-winning films, including The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Tenenbaums, Water Tales and The French Mission.

Just as the films of the American director and screenwriter reflect his particular visual style, with his love of symmetry and his characteristic color palette, so the videos of this trend adopt the same aesthetic with highly entertaining results.

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