The 1st Panhellenic Truffle Festival in Kalambaka

truffles 1st Panhellenic Truffle Festival

The first Panhellenic Truffle Festival, organised by the Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum, began on June 8th. The goal of the event - which will end on Sunday, June 11 - is to introduce attendees to the world of truffles and mushrooms in general.

That is why, on the 4th day of the celebration, various seminars have been organised on cultivating the truffle and training dogs to find it. Visitors will be able to obtain basic mushroom knowledge and be informed about Greece's truffles and their nutritional value.

On Friday and Saturday, visitors can taste the dishes of the famous chef Lefteris Lazarou. In two different events, one at Divani and another at Riga Feraio Square, the chef will introduce the hotel's chefs and event guests to the secrets of the truffle.

At the same time, those who find themselves in Meteora on Saturday will have the opportunity to try thousands of truffle dishes! A team of 30 chefs from IEK DELTA 360°, led by the head of the Gastronomy Department, Mr. Dotsios Adamos, will cook with the contribution of Aigli catering.

On all the days of the events, truffle hunters and growers will be circulating among the people, ready to answer all the visitors' questions. All actions are framed by activities for children, as well as music and dance events. Among them, the appearance of the band Manitarock on Saturday 10/6 at 21.30.

Info: 1st Meteora Truffle Festival, Riga Ferry Square, Kalambaka, June 8-11
Entry: Free

See the detailed program of the Truffle Festival HERE.

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