Mary Synatsakis: My child is biologically a girl but she will decide her social sex

Mary Synatsaki

Mary Synatsaki published a video on YouTube and responded to the comments she received about her remark, where she stated that "her child is biologically a girl".

The well-known YouTuber received a question on Instagram, which read: "Do you think it's normal to say my child is biologically a girl?"

"I want to answer the question about whether you think it's normal to say 'My child is biologically a girl.' It arose from the post I uploaded on Women's Day with a photo of the little one and my conversation with Gogo Delogianni, the chef who is also my friend", she said.

"I want to say that it seems completely normal for me to express myself in this way because if you know me and follow me, I am a person who stands for certain things.

"I don't preach them decoratively to the rest of the world, but now that I've become a mother, they won't apply to me. They are things I believe deep in my soul.

Then, she explained that this phrase seems completely normal to her, while she emphasised that gender emerges in someone's life after 4 years.

"The expression 'biological girl' seems perfectly reasonable to me, because that is the truth. She is biologically a girl.

"Gender issues come up later in life, not much later, people get such a sense from as young as 4 years old. If her social sex is different from her biological sex, who am I to say anything?"

Finally, she added: "I much more want my child to have this freedom and I don't want to save anything and don't worry, children are not confused by a lot of freedom and acceptance. Otherwise the problems are created, because I heard many people on Twitter making fun of it."

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