Nas: The most dangerous beach in Greece

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The most dangerous beach in Greece is located in Ikaria and is none other than Nas. This beach is located on the north side of the island. It is a small beach near the village of Armenistis and has sand and small pebbles.

Of the most beautiful coasts of the island, Nas is rightfully among the most popular beaches.

But to be able to reach the beach you have to go down a few steps. A descent that will be rewarded by the beauty you will see. The Gyros toni Rahon, one of the most picturesque routes of Ikaria, ends at Nas beach.

However, visitors should be cautious with this particular beach, The reason? The "insidious" currents that can send you to Turkey without you even realising it...

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In addition, when northerly winds blow, large waves are created, likely to drag you to the rocks. Precisely because of this dangerousness of the waters, there is a rope from the beach to deep in the sea, which in case of need will help you get to the shore.

The does not have anything organised and is a favourite destination for nudists and free camping enthusiasts.

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