Antonis Remos: His concert in Nammos, Mykonos has been canceled

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About his tour this year, together with Mente Fuerte , Antonis Remos spoke on Natalia Germanou's show and revealed that this year he will not be singing in Mykonos, due to the controversy that has been caused with the unplanned shutdown.

" Mykonos is going through the perfect storm. Everything came and tied so to speak, culminating in the latest developments taking place, with all that is being done, which is well being done, but maybe the time is not right. When you talk about the flagship of Greek tourism, maybe we should be more careful when we have to make some moves" , he said

I agree that this situation and the lawlessness that has changed the island in the last 10-15 years must end.

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Antonis Remos: His concert in Nammos, Mykonos has been canceled 1

There was indeed a huge vanity in Mykonos, I had gotten away with things, but that's what the free market does. You ask for what you can get and from the moment you get it, you ask for more and more and more. But, all this indecency of recent years and all that happened in Mykonos cannot be fixed in a month. Especially at the beginning of summer ," said Antonis Remos.

" I believe that since the tangle of iniquity has begun to unravel, I would like to see it really unravel at all levels, not just businessmen. I would like to see a committee of incorruptible people of law and order and go back to all the authorities they supported.

Every year some see them and some allow them. If they really intend to clean up Mykonos and beyond, they should do it from the beginning, tear down the whole edifice ," he added.

" Everything is canceled this year. Neither will our concert, which brought in over 2 million euros to the business and of course a huge amount went to the coffers of the state. Accordingly, many other actions that were taking place on the island were cancelled. I hope, in September, October, they will stick to this decision, because then the lost revenues will be seen.

Also, all these businessmen who are active in Mykonos, have taken too many loans, there will be no way to pay them back this winter ", concluded the popular singer.

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