SUV Plunges Into Greek Sea, locals Form Human Chain To Save It

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The Skoda Karoq somehow rolled off the edge of the port, ending up in the Aegean Sea without any occupants onboard

Amidst the start of Greek summer, beach-goers – both locals and tourists – seek refuge from the scorching sun. While many were enjoying their day, a group of swimmers unexpectedly found themselves tackling a mission to retrieve a floating Skoda Karoq that had drifted into the water.

The incident occurred last Friday on the island of Aegina, situated near Athens, the Greek capital. The harbour authorities revealed that the white Skoda Karoq was initially parked in the port until it unfortunately rolled off the edge. Thankfully, the car was unoccupied at the time of the incident.

Skoda Karoq In The Sea 3 1024x576 1
SUV Plunges Into Greek Sea, locals Form Human Chain To Save It 1

Once the locals realised the car was in the water, they swiftly discovered a boat to tow the Skoda to safety before it submerged. However, since the beach was shallow, the boat was unable to tow the SUV to the shore. The group of swimmers stepped up to take on the challenge, willingly forming a human chain to carefully pull the car out of the water.

This entire occurrence was recorded on camera and went viral on TikTok when it was uploaded by user @maraislabonita. The TikTok video features several people in their swimwear pushing the Skoda towards the beach while a group collaboratively pulls it with a tow rope. The combined teamwork resulted in the SUV being successfully brought to dry land.

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