Athens International Airport Implements Strict Pricing System for Arrivals Area, Sparking Criticism

Athens Airpot

The management of Athens International Airport, known as "Eleftherios Venizelos," has implemented an automated system in the arrivals area featuring tilting bars. This system charges drivers one euro per minute with the intention of regulating the waiting time for picking up passengers from domestic or international flights.

However, concerns have been raised regarding the lack of provisions for individuals waiting for delayed flights or dealing with delayed or missing luggage, which are common occurrences. The pricing scheme is particularly stringent, with only the first 10 minutes being free of charge. After that, the cost progressively increases, reaching 5 euros for every subsequent quarter of an hour and 1 euro per minute for the first 20 minutes.

If a driver exceeds a one-hour stay, their vehicle will be removed from the area using a crane. These increased costs also apply to vans that transport travellers from parking lots outside the airport. Now, a passage and stay lasting 10 minutes on the same day will cost 5 euros.

Payment will be collected upon exit, and the airport administration suggests that individuals who object to these charges can consider parking options, which offer cheaper rates and the first 20 minutes of stay free of charge.

In response to criticism, the airport management explained that these changes were implemented to prevent overcrowding in the arrivals and departures area.

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