Man in custody but Woman still missing on island of Kos

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A 32-year-old man was taken into custody on the island of Kos in relation to the disappearance of 27-year-old Polish national Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska.

Rubinska, who has been missing since June 12, was employed at a hotel on Kos and lived with her boyfriend, who is also Polish.

The arrest was made based on witness testimonies and footage from security cameras in the area. The suspect, a resident of Kos, was identified as a 32-year-old man from Bangladesh. Authorities became suspicious when they discovered he had purchased a ticket to leave the island.

Initially, five men from Pakistan and Bangladesh were detained, but four were later released after explaining they had found an intoxicated Rubinska and allowed her to stay at their home until she recovered.

One of the Bangladeshis claimed to have had sexual intercourse with her before leaving her outside.

However, surveillance footage did not corroborate his story. Rubinska's disappearance was reported to authorities by her partner, who received a phone call from her stating that she was in Marmari, had consumed too much alcohol, and someone would bring her to the hotel on a motorcycle.

She sent him her location, but when he arrived, she was nowhere to be found.

Several attempts to contact her failed as her phone was switched off. Her partner managed to locate her through a phone application, but she was in Tigaki instead, approximately 5 km away from her intended location.

On June 13, she did not appear for work, prompting a Missing Alert. Despite the arrest, Anastasia-Patricia is still missing as of Friday. Search efforts, involving the police, fire service, and volunteer groups, are ongoing, including the use of a drone.

Rubinska is described as being 1.65 meters tall, of average weight, and was last seen wearing a pink floral dress, blue sunglasses, and carrying a silver backpack.

Man in custody but Woman still missing on island of Kos 1

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