Only 19% of Greeks trust the news most of the time

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Greeks are losing faith in the news delivered by traditional media, partly due to perceptions of undue political and business influence on journalism, with only 19% having trust in the media most of the time, according to the annual Digital News Report 2023 by the Reuters Institute.

Based on a YouGov survey of over 93,000 online news consumers in 46 markets covering half of the world’s population, the survey found that people tend to shun once-“popular” news such as the Ukraine war, sports, and police news.

People prefer to focus on positive news, information that concerns them, and answers to their problems.

Greeks who use the internet for information are less frequently visiting the websites and social media of traditional media, particularly the younger generations. They would instead be notified via Viber or Messenger communications.

At the same time, as Instagram and TikTok grow in popularity, the opinions of celebrities and influencers are becoming increasingly valued.

Tellingly, only 19% of Greeks are shown to trust most news, most of the time according to the responses given. In fact, the trust rate has decreased by 8 percentage points compared to 2022 and is the lowest among the 46 countries surveyed.

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