Spanish superstar Rosalía at the Parthenon shortly before her first concert in Greece - Watch the video

Rosalia Acropolis June 2023

Rosalía is in Athens for her first concert in Greece, which will take place today, June 20, at Nerou Square. With millions of fans worldwide, the Spanish multi-awarded superstar toured the Greek capital and shared some videos with her social media followers.

Through her Instagram profile, which counts 25 million followers, Rosalía deified the Parthenon. Wearing a short red dress and large sunglasses, the 30-year-old award-winning pop star took in the sights at the Holy Rock of the Acropolis with another woman.

She told her Instagram followers how much she likes the Parthenon.

Watch the video:

The Spanish singer is the first guest of the artistic collaboration "Release Athens x SNF Nostos".

She is coming to Athens for the first time to prove to the Greek public that he represents everything that modern pop strives to be: a bold sound mix without barriers and a willingness to overcome every cultural and sonic border.

Mixing the traditional rhythms of flamenco, salsa and bachata with reggaeton, hip-hop and R&B,  she stunned unsuspecting listeners with 'El Mal Querer' (2018), a genius album that one foot was in mainstream pop and the other in avant-garde.

The result was an absolute triumph that swept the Latin Grammy Awards and was included in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest records of all time, ranking highest among Spanish-language records.

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