Rosalia spoke fluent Greek at her concert in Athens and was deified - Watch video


The Spanish music star Rosalía seems to have taken quick Greek lessons before her maiden concert in Greece yesterday at the Water Square in Faliro as part of Release Athens x SNF Nostos.

Since early afternoon yesterday, dozens of music artists, such as the English rap star, Central Cee, took to the stage of Release. Still, when Rosalía stepped on the stage of Faliros, pandemonium followed.

She was the main name of the festival and without any doubt proved the response that her name has in the world.


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This was her first concert in Greece, and she seemed to enjoy our country early with a walk to the Acropolis. Those at Water Square experienced a unique show by the Catalan performer who ran, danced, sang, stirred the crowd, tried to catch her breath... and became one with the crowd.


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Such was the reception she received from the Athenian audience that the singer did not remain unmoved. Several times during her concert she said her own "thank you" to the people below, while she also spoke some Greek, which she spoke fluently.

"I'm happy to be here playing in this country for the first time. Thank you very much for welcoming me," she said.


Μιλάει ελληνικά 🥺

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While at some stage of the show he decided to go to the crowd and sing with them. It was there that someone or some fan gave her a flag of Greece. She not only wrapped it around her body, but said out loud to everyone that she feels like she is the Rosalía of Greece ("soy Rosalía de Grecia").


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She came to Athens for the first time to prove to the Greek public that she represents everything that modern pop strives to be: a bold sound mix without barriers and a willingness to overcome every cultural and sonic border.

Mixing the traditional rhythms of flamenco, salsa and bachata with reggaeton, hip-hop and R&B, she stunned unsuspecting listeners with 'El Mal Querer' (2018), a genius album that one foot was in mainstream pop and the other in avant-garde.

The result was an absolute triumph that swept the Latin Grammy Awards and was included in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest records of all time, ranking highest among Spanish-language records.

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