Athens honoured Mikis Theodorakis with a new park that bears his name - See the photos

Mikis Theodorakis Park in Athens

"Mikis unites us, forges us. The park at the intersection of Piraeus and Iera Odos will bear the name of this great man. A focal point at the entrance to the city of Athens will forever connect Athens with Mikis, Mikis with Athens. A timeless relationship, a relationship of mutual inspiration and love, which now acquires a physical existence".

With these words, the Mayor of Athens, ostas Bakoyannis, welcomed yesterday to Gazi the hundreds of guests who attended the brilliant naming ceremony of the park, on the Iera Odos and Piraeus, to "Mikis Theodorakis", accompanied by a great musical concert.

The city's Municipal Council took the relevant naming decision unanimously last April.

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"We remember Mikis because he composed, like a sheet music, all the fields that bring us together: The homeland, human pain, the greatness of sacrifice, the love of freedom. This thread, steel and invisible that unites us, we owe it to Mikis who gave it to us. We honour him because we owe him," the mayor said.

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At the event, in which the family of Mikis Theodorakis was present, George Lianis, former Minister of Sports, journalist and close friend of the great Greek, gave a speech - from the heart.

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"This park will now be a 'white spear of light entering the future.' This lance has a name: Mikis Theodorakis. It is no coincidence that the Mayor and the city council chose this - not just - historical place. It has all the ages with it - Kerameikos, Iera Odos, Ancient Athens below, the Golden Age of democracy. Mikis would be very happy and very proud tonight."

The event was attended by party representatives and members of the Athens municipal council.

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An unforgettable concert in the "Mikis Theodorakis" park

After the moving ceremony of the naming, during which melodies were heard from the Philharmonic Orchestra of the municipality, hundreds of Athenians attended the great musical concert organised in the park by the Municipality of Athens, with the participation of great artists: Glykeria, Vassilis Lekkas, Panagiotis Petrakis, Argiros Kaparou, Angelos Theodorakis (grandson of Mikis) joined their musical forces tonight, welcoming the new park "Mikis Theodorakis" in the best way.

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The songs of the great creator were performed in a unique way by the Folk Orchestra "Mikis Theodorakis" under the artistic direction of Margarita Theodorakis and the musicians Manolis Karantini (bouzouki), Evangelia Mavridou (piano), Xenophon Symboulidis (oboe, flutes, baglamas), Nikos Giolas (guitar), Artemi Samaras (viola), Lefteri Griva (accordion), Theodoros Kouelis (bass), Nikos Skomopoulos (drums), Stefanos Theodorakis – Papaggelidis (percussion).

Acclaimed artists, with the composer's most beloved, well-known folk and lyrical songs - culminating in Zorba's melody, beloved throughout the world - offered at the best possible moment, World Music Day, an unforgettable musical evening to all who were there.

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