Bangladeshi man, 32, charged with murder of 27-year-old woman from Poland

Bangladeshi man Raheem Abdul

On Thursday, authorities in Kos Island officially accused a 32-year-old man from Bangladesh of the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman. This charge came after obtaining supplementary evidence directly tied him to the crime.

Police sources discovered a recently found video recording, showing both the 32-year-old man, Raheem Abdul, and the victim leaving the suspect's residence before the incident.

Anastasia Rubinska, from Poland, was last seen nine days ago when she went to a party on the island of Kos.

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska
Footage shows Anastasia in a cafe on June 12 and leaving with a man who she was also spotted in a shop with

The Mirror reports that she had gone to a party and investigators have said she sent her Polish boyfriend a message to say she was "uncomfortable" before later texting she was fine.

She had also texted her Polish boyfriend, Michail, to say she had been to a party where she had drunk too much but had arranged to be given a lift on a motorbike to meet him.

When Anastasia, who had been working on the popular island for barely a month, failed to arrive, her 28-year-old boyfriend reported her missing.

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska

A search was launched and her naked corpse was tragically discovered on Sunday, stuffed in a bin bag under a tree.

An autopsy revealed strangulation marks around the young woman's neck. It is believed she was strangled in an abandoned building close to where her body was found.

"DNA results will be released and they will be key," said a police official with knowledge of "ongoing" forensic tests.

Anastasia’s boyfriend had reported her disappearance and a missing persons page on Facebook posted last week: "Anastasia was last seen on the island of Kos before 11pm.

"Most likely, she got on a motorcycle with a man from Bangladesh. He was only supposed to give her a ride to meet her boyfriend.

"The last location of Anastasia's phone showed a different place to where she had arranged to meet her partner from Poland."

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska

The 32-year-old Bangladeshi was then arrested and in his house officers found two knives, a yellow sweater with stains and blonde hair, and an airline ticket to Italy purchased after Anastasia's disappearance.

DNA found in the residence has been matched to the victim.

The suspect admitted having sex with a Polish woman and that later they went their separate ways.

It was the following day that Anastasia’s body was found on the outskirts of Marmari.

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