Greece Enhances UAV Capability with Safran's Patroller Drones

Greece Enhances UAV Capability with Safran's Patroller Drones

The Greek Army has made a significant stride in modernizing its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) inventory by selecting Safran Electronics & Defense to bolster its current Sperwer fleet with four new Patroller tactical drones.

The procurement process was facilitated through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), which engaged in negotiations with Safran on behalf of the Greek government. Notably, in February 2023, Patroller became the first tactical UAS to receive certification for NATO's STANAG 4671 airworthiness standard.

Built on the foundation of the Stemme S15 aircraft, the Patroller drone offers a compact logistical footprint, resulting in reduced operating costs, according to Safran. Powered by a 115hp Rotax 914F engine, the UAV possesses the capability for both manual and autonomous operations. With a Line of Sight (LoS) range of 200km and a range of 1,000km with SATCOM, the Patroller is well-suited for various missions.

The standard configuration of the Patroller includes the Euroflir 410 EO/IR pod, enabling ground surveillance, alongside a COMINT sensor or synthetic aperture radar for detecting moving targets. For maritime missions, the drone can be equipped with a multimode surveillance radar, enabling long-range detection of maritime activities over a vast area. Furthermore, this variant incorporates an Automatic Identification System (AIS) for ship classification, complemented by the Euroflir 410 for final confirmation.

In 2016, the French Army opted for the Patroller to fulfil its Tactical Drone System (SDT) requirement. Safran secured a contract worth approximately $341.7 million in April of that year to deliver three Patroller systems, consisting of 14 UAVs and five Ground Control Stations (GCS), between 2018 and 2019.

Previously, Greece had acquired a total of 16 Sperwer UAVs, and the addition of the advanced Patroller drones represents a significant enhancement to the country's UAV capabilities. As Greece continues to strengthen its defence capabilities, these cutting-edge drones will play a vital role in fulfilling a range of operational requirements.

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