Influencer Caught in the Clutches of Independent Greek Inland Revenue Authority's Advanced Algorithm

Greek Influencer

A well-known Greek influencer, widely recognized as a prominent model and possessing a significant stake in a Greek e-commerce venture, has found herself entangled in the meticulous web spun by the Independent Greek Inland Revenue Authority's special algorithm. Her online presence primarily revolves around advertising fashionable garments and accessories on social media platforms, while also operating an online store.

In an unprecedented move, Greek auditors employed a multifaceted approach that involved gathering information from transport companies, ultimately leading to the unmasking of large-scale tax evasion schemes.

Through this comprehensive investigation, the auditors uncovered concealed taxable material amounting to nearly 350,000 euros over the span of two tax years. These undeclared tax liabilities were promptly rectified by the audited company, which voluntarily submitted declarations for both income taxation and value-added tax (VAT).

Consequently, the total sum of taxes and fines levied for the audited period amounted to 270,000 euros.

However, the tax audit will extend its reach into subsequent fiscal years, as Greek authorities aim to ensure comprehensive compliance with tax regulations.

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