Tragic Fate of Polish Hotel Worker Unveiled as Haunting Details Emerge as the Killer Fronts Court

Salahuddin S. a Bangladeshi migrant

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the final moments of a Polish hotel worker's life have come to light, leaving the public in shock. Anastazja Rubińska, a 27-year-old woman, was allegedly subjected to a series of harrowing acts, including being handcuffed, raped, and strangled, on the Greek island of Kos. Disturbingly, the police have revealed that she may have been coerced into sending a reassuring message to her boyfriend just before the incident took place.

After an extensive week-long investigation into Anastazja Rubińska's disappearance, the authorities made a gruesome discovery. Her half-naked remains were found concealed in a bag hidden beneath a bush. This distressing development has sent shockwaves throughout Greece.

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Tragic Fate of Polish Hotel Worker Unveiled as Haunting Details Emerge as the Killer Fronts Court 1

During their inquiry, investigators uncovered text messages sent by Rubińska to her boyfriend. The initial message conveyed her perilous situation, while a subsequent one, sent mere minutes later, claimed that she was safe. Authorities suspect that she may have been compelled to send the latter message under duress, or worse, that it was sent by her assailant.

The last known sighting of Rubińska was on Monday, June 12, at a local café. Surveillance footage captured her leaving with a man from Bangladesh, who has since been apprehended in connection with her murder. The chilling video has added another layer of gravity to this tragic tale.

Salahuddin S. was employed on a local farm after reportedly arriving in Greece as an illegal immigrant 'two or three years ago'.

Local radio Ekfrasi97 told Poland's Fakt newspaper: 'As an illegal immigrant, [he] was arrested and then passed an identification process.

'He probably spent some time in the camp and then applied for asylum.'

Originally telling cops that he had had consensual sex with the victim, officers searched his apartment and found traces of her DNA, a bloodied blouse and strands of her blonde hair.

They also found a plane ticket he had bought the day after her disappearance for a flight to Italy.

Bangladeshi Migrant Suspected of Anastazja Rubińska's Murder Appears in Court

Salahuddin S., a Bangladeshi migrant accused of the heinous murder of 27-year-old Polish hotel worker Anastazja Rubińska on the Greek island of Kos, faced a pivotal moment as he appeared in court today. The judicial proceedings determined that he would remain in custody as investigations into the tragic incident continue.

In a notable development, Polish prosecutors were granted permission to actively participate in Salahuddin S.'s interrogation. This collaboration reflects the international effort to seek justice for Anastazja Rubińska and ensure a thorough examination of the evidence surrounding her untimely demise.

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