Ioanna Touni sleeps her son in a club in Mykonos - Watch the video


Ioanna Touni is in Mykonos and uploads videos and photos of her stay there on social media.

Her son, who is a few months old,  is also there. The social media influencer often posts videos and photos on Instagram.

In one of her stories, the Instagrammer stands before the camera, recording the moment she puts the baby to sleep in a club on the "Island of the Winds".

She holds in her arms the son she has with Dimitris Alexandrou, whom she has covered with a blanket and dances, probably trying to put the child to sleep.

"Meanwhile, me in Mykonos," she writes in her post.

Watch the video:

Mykonos Live TV captured also captured Ioannina Touni with her husband Dimitris Alexandrou on the beach in Psarrou. Father and son were lying on the sunbed and playing while the well-known influencer changed her son and prepared him for his bath.

The family then entered the sea and enjoyed the waters.

Watch the video:

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