Defense Lawyer Resigns in Murder Case of Polish Woman in Kos


The defense lawyer representing the 32-year-old Bangladeshi man accused of the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman in Kos has resigned from his position after supplementary charges were brought against his client.

Zafeiris Drosos, who had appointed himself as defense counsel by the court, stepped down following the filing of additional charges of intentional homicide and rape against the accused.

In a statement published on the website, Mr. Drosos expressed his condolences to the victim's family and wished them strength during this tragic event. He also thanked those who had honored him with his self-appointment to represent the accused during the investigative process for the original charge of kidnapping.

Mr. Drosos explained the reason for his resignation, stating that, as an officer of Justice, a defense lawyer is obliged to serve justice and must be independent in the exercise of their profession. He highlighted the importance of the pursuit of truth and the evidence of innocence, which he considered to be the primary focus of his responsibilities.

Notably, Mr. Drosos mentioned that any defendant, regardless of the severity of the offense they are accused of, is entitled to a defense, emphasizing this as a sign of legal civilization. He also emphasized the need for a lawyer to maintain their prestige and dignity in their professional actions and social coexistence, to uphold the values and integrity of the justice system and their role in society.

The resignation of the defense lawyer puts additional pressure on the accused Bangladeshi man, who allegedly killed the young woman in a field outside his home. According to authorities, this development weakens the possibility of an accomplice being involved in the crime.

The case continues to garner attention as the investigation progresses, and the search for truth and justice for the victim remains ongoing.

The evidence that convicted him

Meanwhile, on Thursday afternoon, police officers handling the case of Anastasia's murder investigated a semi-destroyed house in the field where the lifeless body of the 27-year-old woman was found in the area of Alykes in Kos.

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Defense Lawyer Resigns in Murder Case of Polish Woman in Kos 1

According to MEGA information, this is the place where the unfortunate girl was allegedly murdered by the 32-year-old Bangladeshi. According to the same information, a fence was found broken at the semi-destroyed house, as well as fresh damage that could come from the weight of a human body.

The same information reports that on the route from the semi-destroyed house to the tree under which they found Anastasia's body, one shoe, two shirts, and Anastasia's cigarettes were found.

The image that the police allegedly formed is that the Bangladeshi carried Anastasia, unconscious, from this house and transferred her to the tree where he left her lifeless body.

ELAS Spokesperson: He sexually assaulted her and then killed her

"The evidence helped both with the video footage and the testimonies. The testimony of his roommate was very helpful. With the evidence we have in our hands, we are trying to find the path they followed. What we know for sure is that the girl left the house alive. What we believe is that she was sexually assaulted, without knowing anything further, and then killed," said ELAS spokesperson Konstantina Dimoglidi on Friday morning.

As she explained, Anastasia's body was not easy to examine because, as she said, "it was so well wrapped that the decomposition progressed very quickly".

"Because many things have been said, the girl met this specific person for specific reasons, but I wouldn't like to say anything more, but it doesn't seem like she knew him from previous days. The girl had been drinking, we cannot know how she was lured. The perpetrator had been arrested in the past for immigration law, but he was legally in our country. It seems he transported her to the location alone. For us, it has not yet been clarified how he transported her. The next day, it appears that he bought a ticket to leave.

The smell of the body helped the volunteer to find her. He had covered her well, he had put branches on top, and the volunteer had to dig to find her," added the ELAS spokesperson.


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