Murder in Kos: The Bangladeshi cut off Polish woman's fingers to erase the fingerprints

Anastazja Rubińska, Kos

A revelation about the murder of 27-year-old Anastazja in Kos was brought to light on Friday night by the show "Light in the Tunnel" with Angeliki Nikolouli.

Retired police officer Yiannis Katsiamakas said that the 32-year-old Bangladeshi accused of raping and murdering Anastazja Rubińska had cut off some of her fingers to erase the prints and make it more difficult to identify the body.

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska, Anastazja Rubińska

"The alleged perpetrator made sure to delete all data and information from his mobile phone. From the data recovery done at the crime labs, it emerged that he had Googled how to erase traces from a dead body,” he said.

"What was he looking for? To find a way to eliminate his traces on the dead girl or to identify (her body) as difficult as possible. He had cut off a finger on each hand. This is shocking," he added.

Katsiamakas emphasised that this act shows the ferocity of the crime, while for the perpetrator it indicates that he was not possessed by any feelings towards the dead girl.

She suffered for 45 minutes

The death of the young Anastazja who was found brutally murdered in Kos, wrapped in bags among branches and dry grass, lasted about 45 minutes.

The police officers estimate that the specific time frame was between the time Anastazja was taken to the fatal area and the time she was strangled.

The moment when the volunteers saw Anastazja's body

Anna Kouloura and Dora Panagiotidis, the two volunteers who found Anastazja's lifeless body, described to the "Tunnel" show, frame by frame, the route they followed in the Tigaki area.

Anna, a volunteer of the Fire Service with many years of experience, is the one who first assessed the area and discovered Anastazja there.

"We started the search on Sunday morning from east to Tigaki. We scanned at the spot again, but my Commander's order was to open every hole that will be in our way," said Anna.

She arrived at the big tree where the Bangladeshi accused buried Anastazja.

"I saw on the ground a large volume of straw and on it several branches of trees, which were not cut with a cutting machine but by a violent way. Then, I remembered the witness who had seen the 32-year-old panicking with thorns and thistles," said the volunteer.

“I was poking at the branches with the cane to see if I would find resistance. There were only ears of corn at the site, no water. The direction of the wind changed and the smell came to me. I was sure she was there and called Dora who was investigating elsewhere to come to me," she said.

"She continued poking around with her cane and the bag was revealed. I don't want to continue anymore...," Anna added, visibly shocked.

"We were shocked! We cleared the rest of the branches and found the girl's body. Anger and sadness. It is tragic what happened, but it is a relief that she was found. Justice should finally do what it has to do," added an emotionally charged Dora.

The murder suspect

Bangladeshi man Raheem Abdul

On Thursday, authorities in Kos Island officially accused a 32-year-old man from Bangladesh of the murder of a 27-year-old Polish woman. This charge came after obtaining supplementary evidence directly tied him to the crime.

Police sources discovered a recently found video recording, showing both the 32-year-old man, Raheem Abdul, and the victim leaving the suspect's residence before the incident.

The Mirror reports that she had gone to a party and investigators have said she sent her Polish boyfriend a message to say she was "uncomfortable" before later texting she was fine.

She had also texted her Polish boyfriend, Michail, to say she had been to a party where she had drunk too much but had arranged to be given a lift on a motorbike to meet him.

When Anastasia, who had been working on the popular island for barely a month, failed to arrive, her 28-year-old boyfriend reported her missing.

Anastasia-Patricia Rubinska

A search was launched and her naked corpse was tragically discovered on Sunday, stuffed in a bin bag under a tree.

An autopsy revealed strangulation marks around the young woman's neck. It is believed she was strangled in an abandoned building close to where her body was found.

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