Pelion: German tourist found dead in his car - He died days earlier

ambulance, german tourist

A 75-year-old German tourist went on holiday in South Pilio and died.

As it became known, the elderly man was found unconscious in his car on the beach of Kalamos. An ambulance rushed to the scene, and he was pronounced dead after the examination.

According to the estimates of the rescuers, Proto Thema reported, the man had breathed his last at the wheel since the night before yesterday.

The German man's death follows the death of a 65-year-old British man only days earlier, who was found dead by his wife in Horto Pelion, where they had gone on vacation.

The shocked woman called for help, but it was too late for the 65-year-old, who, according to all indications, died of pathological causes.

Police officers from the AT Mileon were at the scene for the procedures since the body had to be transported for an autopsy to establish the exact causes.

His body will then be transported to England, where it will be buried.

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