Court rejects Beleri’s request to be sworn in as mayor of Himara, Greece condemns the measure

Fredi Beleri Varvitsiotis

In a recent announcement, the Greek Foreign Ministry has condemned the rejection of the request of the mayor-elect of the Himara Municipality in the Albanian southeastern coast, Fredi Beleri, for the granting of a special permit to leave prison and participate in the swearing-in ceremony, at the first meeting of the Municipal Council of the city.

The announcement states: “The request of the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleris, to receive a special permit, to be a participant in the first meeting of the new Municipal Council, as well as to take the oath and officially take office, was rejected today. This refusal now shows without any doubt, that the intention of the Albanian authorities is to deprive him, without a final sentence and without being charged, of the office of the Mayor, in which he was democratically elected by the citizens of the area. As a candidate for membership in the European family, Albania must respect the rule of law and the right to innocence until proven guilty.”

Albanian police arrested candidate Fredi Beleri at midnight on May 12, a well-known activist of the Greek minority organizations in the area and candidate of the “Together We Win” opposition coalition for the municipality of Himara, on the charge of vote buying.

Consequently, Fredi Beleri was the winner in the local elections on May 14, two days after his arrest.

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