Mykonos: Photos of Neymar's pregnant partner Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi Neymar

Earlier in June, Neymar Jr.'s partner monopolised the interest of the Mykonos paparazzi.

Bruna Biancardi and her friends travelled from Paris to Greece to enjoy the sun, sea and good food. In addition to the photos she shared on social media, the 29-year-old influencer posed on the beach, wearing her swimsuit.

At the same time, her swollen belly can be seen, as in a few months she will welcome her child with the footballer.

See the photos:

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna Biancardi

Bruna, who in April announced with the ace of Paris that she is pregnant and will give birth to their child in a few months, is a famous online personality in Brazil and has already reached 5 million followers.

She has been in the international media recently after revealing that Neymar is unfaithful to her and she allows it. As they write, the footballer cheated on Bruna in Rio a few months ago, specifically on Valentine's Day, and after that the 29-year-old set rules for his infidelity.

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In a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday, Neymar admitted that he'd 'made a mistake' and vowed he'll 'try' to make their relationship work.

It comes after the couple announced in April that they are expecting their first child together, with influencer Bruna posting sweet snaps of her growing bump.

Neymar wrote: 'Bru. I do this for both of you and your family. Justify the unjustifiable. No need to. But I need you in OUR lives

'I saw how much you were exposed, how much you suffered with all of this and how much you want to be by my side. And I stand beside you.

'I did wrong with you all. I risk saying I'm wrong every day, on and off the pitch. Only I solve my mistakes in personal life at home, in my intimacy with my family and friends...

'All of this hit one of the most special people in my life. The woman I dreamed of following beside me, mother of my child.

'Has it touched his family, which is my family today. She touched her intimacy in such a special moment that is maternity.

'Bru, I already apologised for my mistakes, for unnecessary exposure, but I feel obligated to come publicly reaffirm that. If a private matter has become public, the apology has to be public.

'Can't imagine without you. I don't know if we'll work out, but TODAY you're sure I want to try.

'Our purpose will prevail, our love for our baby will win, our love for each other will make us stronger. ALWAYS US. I love you ❤️.'

Neymar's post comes just days after reports that the couple agreed upon a list of conditions that allow the PSG star to be unfaithful.

The Brazilian has been enjoying football's off-season in recent weeks and has been sharing pictures of escapades around the globe - such as a trip to Miami Heat's play-off game.

However, it's now been reported that the couple have an 'agreement' in place if the Brazil star wants to be unfaithful to Biancardi.

According to Em Off, the three conditions mean that any outside relationship 'must be discreet', that Neymar 'must wear a condom' and that he can 'not kiss them on the mouth'.

The outlet claim that the PSG winger is 'free to flirt and even have sex with other woman', despite his commitment to Biancardi.

It's also reported that the Brazilian 'was caught in an exchange of messages with a lover in the middle of Valentine's Day'.

The Brazilian's love life has rarely been a secret and, last year, he was spotted out with ex-girlfriend Bruna Marquezine in Miami.

In April, Neymar and Bruna announced that they were expecting their first child together.

Neymar is already a father to son Davi Lucca, 12, who he shares with his ex-girlfriend and social media personality Carolina Dantas.

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