Corfu: Wild fight involving a British rapper - car drags a pedestrian (VIDEO)

corfu kavos fight

Out-of-control images were recorded by tourists on their mobile phones in Kavos, Corfu. According to the Star, a crowd attacked a British rapper inside a black car. They were shouting, banging on the windows and kicking the car.

In fact, at one point in the video, a vehicle can be seen making a dangerous maneuver and seems to drag a pedestrian in the middle of the road.

Watch the video:

It is not known what caused the incident, however it is believed that it all started from personal differences.

No complaint was made about the incident, nor has any injury been reported, while the incident became known to the police from the videos, which flooded social media. Authorities are investigating what exactly happened.

At the same time, according to ERT, the residents are outraged, wondering what will be the future of their area as, as they point out, similar incidents occur very often. Kavos is one of the most touristic areas of southern Corfu and attracts mainly young visitors from Britain.

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