Gold medal for Sofianna Tsianou at the swimming world junior championship!

Sofianna Tsianou

On Sunday, a golden page was written on the history of Chios sports. The athlete of A.O. Aegean's Sofianna Tsianou won a gold medal with the relay of our National team at the 18th World Technical Swimming Championships, Youth - Juniors held in Cairo, Egypt.

The time that gave our National Team the gold medal in the competition's final was 06:23:32, a performance that raised the Greek flag to the highest mast of the podium and, simultaneously, the echo of our National Anthem.

Our national team managed to leave behind great powers of the area such as Italy - Egypt - Korea - Germany - Turkey - Hungary - Thailand.

Statements by Sofianna Tsianou:

"A demanding year ends in the best way. In this course, nothing happened by chance, it is the result of hard work, patience, and persistence in the details.

To the question of whether I have made sacrifices to reach this result, I would answer emphatically (no). Because for me, as well as for many of my fellow athletes, the saying 'Do what you love' is true. So the time we spend in sports is part of our life.

"And we never count or would trade the time we spend training for any fun.

"In our club, AO. Aegean we are one team one heart, and above all friends. And we will remain friends no matter how many years pass, whatever path each of us chooses in life.

"But I was certainly not alone in this process. There were people who supported me, gave their souls for me, and it is my duty to thank them publicly.

"First of all, my coach, Mr. Yannis Kavouras, a coach with a long history in the field of athletics, a man who is above all an educator. He supported me training and morally in every difficulty I faced all these years. I consider him my second father.

"I also couldn't leave out the rest of the AOA coaching team, Mrs Arieta Kavoura and Mr Nasos Kalimoro, as well as the coach Mr Giorgos Saliaris, who helped me in my first steps of learning classical swimming.

"In matters of strengthening, my personal trainers, Messrs. Antonis Anastasiou and Nikos Tsoutsa. It would be a great omission not to thank the Hellenic Swimming Federation (KOE) from the bottom of my heart, where it supports the efforts of all our athletes.

"And especially the president of our sport, Mr. Kyriakos Giannopoulos, the Superintendent of our sport, Mr. Ilias Xiarchos, the general director of our sport, Mr. Alexandros Xiarchos, but also the Federal coach of our sport, Mr. Yiannis Kalaitzoglides, who together with the coach of Panserrai, Mr. Dimitris Kokkinos they supported us psychologically during the World Championship, they tied us together as a team because of it and we managed to find ourselves in the highest positions worldwide.

"Behind every effort, however, there are also the unseen heroes.

"My family, my friends and fellow athletes, the teachers of the 3rd General Lyceum of Chios, the administration of AO Aegean and specifically the registrars Mr. Panagiotis Marinos and Maria Tsilimi, contributed the most to my effort and I thank them from the bottom of my heart my.

"I hope that the example and success of our national team will give impetus to all the children of our island to engage in sports and make our Chios proud."


Images from: Politis Chios.

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