Crete: British tourists discover their room connects to the hotel bar and take full advantage


A British family recently had an unexpected surprise while on vacation in Crete when they discovered a secret window in their hotel room that allowed them to continue enjoying the hotel's all-inclusive facilities even after the bar was closed.

The family, excited by their unusual discovery, decided to share their experience on TikTok , where their video quickly went viral, garnering five million views, before being removed from the platform.

In the video, a man with a big smile approached the curtain in their hotel room and pulled it back to reveal a small window that provided direct access to the hotel bar.

With a sense of excitement, the man managed to squeeze through the narrow window and into the bar area.

He wasted no time in taking a glass and pouring beer from a cask and placed it on the windowsill. Not content with just one drink, he returned to pour himself another beer, taking full advantage of the unexpected access.

For most all-inclusive vacationers, there is a time limit on when they can redeem items or services. However, this family appeared to have stumbled upon an endless all-inclusive experience, thanks to the secret window in their room.

In the midst of their adventure, they captioned the video with a light-hearted comment: "When all-inclusive ends at 11, but you have a secret window in your hotel room."

The hotel, located in Crete, reportedly has several bars throughout the resort. The particular window in the family room led them to a bar located by the pool, giving them convenient access to refreshments outside of normal business hours.

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